What our clients have to say

Our clients give us great reviews in their testimonials:

Each client is asked to complete an exit survey. Last year we recorded 804 responses, here is how they rated us:

99.2% said they felt comfortable talking about issues
99.9% said they felt listened to
100% said they received information that was helpful

Our clients gave us 4.98 stars out of five ★★★★★

“I felt comfortable from the talk on the phone to coming here. Everyone who helped me was very sweet.”

“I was received in a kind and calm manner. Wasn’t sure what to expect when coming here, but it was nice to be able to ask questions/seek council.”

“You are all amazing women who really showed me today that support is out there–we are not alone!! Really appreciated.”

“I love coming here and everyone is so friendly and makes me feel comfortable.”

“Great staff. I love that everyone genuinely cares. Will recommend to others.”

“I felt very comfortable with nurses.”

“They really helped me feel calm about the situation.”

“I was so stressed before I came in, now I am leaving with hope.”

“Moms helping moms is a wonderful program. Thank you very much.”

“I would recommend Pregnancy Care Clinic to a friend so they can find valuable info. I had a very nice experience, it calmed my nerves.”

“It’s always a loving atmosphere and everyone is very caring and understanding of your needs.”

“I’m very glad I made the choice to come in today. I’ve had a lot of worries thru this pregnancy and you gave me hope.”

“Very friendly and actually cared. Seems like no where would help me, but at the pregnancy clinic, I felt welcomed.”

“I had expected less help, but I received more than expected and was really great.”

“Easy, Friendly, Free. Thank you for your help.”

“10 Stars! When I first walked in the people’s vibes were pure happiness. Thx for listening. Very positive, Amazing information. I didn’t even know, First place I would recommend. Thank you for everything. You guys are truly a blessing. God bless.”

“I already knew this wouldn’t be an easy journey and having this first experience through here is just wonderful. Thank you for the education!”

For guys that visited

“I pray that all women whom are pregnant get the opportunity to feel as loved as my wife and I received, [and] that they all come here.”

“Very helpful to know that there are people who care.”

“I would recommend Pregnancy Care Clinic to a friend because they all are very helpful.”

“It was a nice experience and also helpful. I would recommend pregnancy care clinic to men/women.”