New Concern for Women Considering Abortion

The US Government provides grants through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Institute of Health (NIH) for various research projects. The government’s aim is to help in the creation of new treatments, vaccines and drugs. Privately funded research also takes place for the same goals, but are tied to a pharmaceutical company or other firm that has a profit goal in mind. We learned in 2015 that the abortion industry was selling aborted baby tissue for profit to both government and privately funded research facilities. The San Francisco based Advanced Bioscience Resources “ABR”  buys aborted fetus tissues from Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers which they sell for these experiments. Planned Parenthood and ABR were investigated in 2016 and revealed to be profiting on aborted fetal tissue as a result of the Center for Medical Progress’s expose’ Human Capital Project [1].

FDA was funding research to make human hybrid mice

One federally funded research project purchased fetal tissues from ABR. Mice with human immune systems were made with the tissue by gene therapies with human fetal tissues in mice with compromised immune systems. It should be noted, stem cells from umbilical cords and other ethical sources of stem cells have been used to do the same thing for many years now. More research requiring fetal tissue samples funded by the government and private sources is creating a market place for aborted baby cells. This fuels demand for fetal tissue after an abortion.  Therefore we should expect an increase in pressure on the supply.  Which means women will be pressured even more to choose abortion. You can read the full story[2] here .

Federal funding for research using aborted fetal organs and tissue was suspended in 2019 by president Trump after an internal investigation. That could change when a new president takes office. You can read the 2019 statement from the Department of Health and Human Service[3] here. Regardless of Federal funding being available or not, pharmaceutical corporations, and other interested private organizations are funding research on aborted fetal tissues. Advanced Bioscience Resources and other companies like it are buying, or accepting fetal remains as a donation and selling them.

Why you should be concerned

Let’s step out of the typical discourse about the ethical concerns of using aborted fetuses for research. Additionally, let’s also ignore all the movies we have seen where genetic research goes bad and creates zombies. Instead consider that the abortion provider in California is not required to disclose the fetus or some of the organs will be sold for research. As a result, women will not know they are being pressured or why. Worst of all, the nature of this research requires that the tissue be kept ALIVE! There is a very real possibility that So Cal women who choose abortion will not know organs and tissues of their aborted baby is being kept alive. Fetus tissue is stored in freezers, multiplied in cell replicating machines. Ongoing research using fetal tissue requires the production of large quantities of cells. This terrible possibility could go on for decades.

What Happened After My Abortion?

People facing an unintended pregnancy must choose between three difficult choices. Abortion is a hard enough choice with many down sides. Check out the “Before you Decide” app to learn more about the emotional and physical side effects, available at Google Play or Apple App Store.  A terminated pregnancy might not be the end of the chapter of life for the fetus. It is a haunting possibility that should give women pause before choosing abortion. Women are being kept in the dark which is an outrage! Women should not live under the shadow of a decision they thought was final. They should especially not fear a life long reminder of the terrible decision they had to make. Informed consent should include what is done with the fetus after the procedure.

Some people may be asking this question right now. They should know Pregnancy Care Clinic is ready to listen and help. Schedule an appointment today.

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