Facing an unexpected pregnancy, whether alone or with a partner, is scary. It wasn’t in your plan and now you don’t know what to do, who to turn to, or where to find the information you need. We are here to answer your most pressing question.

At Pregnancy Care Clinic, we understand that you may feel helpless or out of control. Maybe you can’t seem to stop crying or get your hands to stop shaking. We understand what you are going through, and we are here to help. Let’s dive into the 3 most frequently asked three questions about abortion in San Diego.

I already bought a pregnancy test. Why do I need to have a pregnancy test when I come to your clinic?

Pregnancy tests, despite their claims, are not 100 percent reliable. There are several factors that can result in either a false positive OR a false negative result. The test might have been expired or taken too early, or you might have had too much water to drink before taking it. These are only a few circumstances that can affect the results.

Allowing us to give you a no-cost pregnancy test lets us confirm your at-home results. Our tests are administered by licensed medical professionals who will go over the results with you afterward. It’s important to confirm your at-home pregnancy test because you won’t have to even think about abortion if you aren’t pregnant.

I keep hearing about ultrasounds. What is the purpose of an ultrasound test?

We will offer you an ultrasound—also at no cost to you— if the pregnancy test results are positive. The purpose is to verify the pregnancy is viable. This means checking for a heartbeat, determining how far along your pregnancy is (gestational age), and verifying proper placement in the uterus. We also rule out an ectopic pregnancy, which can be life-threatening and requires immediate medical treatment.

About 20 percent of all pregnancies, and 10% of known pregnancies [2], end in natural miscarriage and 80 percent of these miscarriages occur during the first trimester. If you are considering abortion, we don’t want you to have a procedure you may not need.

Why should I be tested for an STD? What difference does it make if I’m having an abortion?

Engaging in any unprotected sexual activity—orally, anally or vaginally—automatically puts you at risk for an STD [1]. Some STDs can be difficult to detect because they often do not have obvious symptoms. If you have an untreated STD, you are at risk of developing Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) with an abortion.

PID can cause lower abdominal pain, permanent damage to reproductive organs, infertility, and ectopic pregnancies, which can be life-threatening. These negative results can be avoided by testing for and treating an STD prior to an abortion procedure.

While Pregnancy Care Clinic doesn’t test for STDs, we will refer you to another clinic for that important service.

Make an Appointment

Make an appointment to come in and see us at Pregnancy Care Clinic. If there are more abortion FAQs that you have, we can provide you with information. We are here for you and can help you sort through your feelings, answer your questions, and give you unbiased information so you can make the best possible decision.

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