Pregnancy Care Clinic now offers STI testing!

Why would you make an appointment for pregnancy support if you haven’t decided what to do about your unplanned pregnancy yet? Because pregnancy support is all about you. It’s about providing you with care while you’re pregnant, and that’s precisely what you deserve!

Medical professionals recommend making an appointment as soon as you discover you’re pregnant. So, let’s talk about why prompt pregnancy support is particularly crucial for an unplanned pregnancy.

Five Reasons Partner Support during Pregnancy is Important:

1.  To get accurate information

We live in a world of easy access to information. But how do you know what information is accurate and what information is designed to sell you something  ­­– whether it be a product, a service, or a thought?

Professional pregnancy support will give you evidence-based, unbiased information about your unplanned pregnancy and your options. As time passes your options become more limited, so it’s essential to get the support you need as soon as you discover you’re pregnant.

At Pregnancy Care Clinic, our licensed medical professionals and trained advocates will compassionately walk you through your pregnancy options: abortion, adoption, and parenting. We’ll review the pros and cons of each option and share community resources that are available to you.

When you come in for pregnancy support, you will receive:

  • A urine pregnancy test: To confirm your home pregnancy test results.

  • An ultrasound: To confirm your pregnancy, viability, and how far along the pregnancy is.

  • STD information and testing referral: To prevent further health problems and the spread of STDs.

  • Emotional support and education: To help you glean confidence and make informed decisions about your pregnancy.

  • Information about community resources available to you: To help you overcome obstacles.

2.  To receive trustworthy emotional support:

We covered the importance of accurate information, but now let’s also consider emotional support when you’re unexpectedly pregnant. Unfortunately, people often have opinions based upon what’s best for them rather than what’s best for you.

You should never feel unsafe, threatened, or pressured into a particular pregnancy decision by your partner, parents, or anyone else. If you do, they are probably coercing you and aren’t safe people to turn to for emotional support. Trust your gut if you are feeling manipulated or pressured.

When you’re looking for emotional support, seek out safe people. But who are safe people? Safe people are those who are looking out for your best interest rather than their own. You should feel protected, heard, and encouraged.

Research reveals that women who have good emotional support during their pregnancies are less likely to experience postpartum depression and pre-term births.

You can expect to receive emotionally healthy support when you visit Pregnancy Care Clinic.

Pregnancy support means we hear your concerns.

We hear your fears.

We hear your needs.

We hear your goals.

We hear your hopes.

And we hear your dreams.

We understand that whether you choose abortion, adoption, or parenting for your unexpected pregnancy, you’re bearing the weight of a decision that will impact your future.

We hear your heart and consider your needs. Then, together we brainstorm solutions you may not have thought of to help you pinpoint and achieve your desired long-term outcomes. Our goal is that every woman will leave our clinic, knowing she was valued and supported. 

3.  To gain confidence and clarity:

Pregnancy support is also important because it helps you gain confidence and clarity. Women who have already decided about an unexpected pregnancy often say the process felt very “weighty” and was painfully difficult.

It’s common for an unplanned pregnancy to feel overwhelming. Pregnancy support can help you break everything down into smaller steps and walk with you through one step at a time.

Once you have received accurate information about your pregnancy and all of your options, as well as trustworthy, practical and emotional support, you will gain the confidence and clarity you need to make an informed pregnancy decision that’s best for you.

4.  To be your healthiest:

We have discussed the importance of your emotional health during an unplanned pregnancy, but your physical health is also critical. The earlier you get pregnancy support, the healthier you will be.

Here are ways pregnancy support improves your physical health:

  • Referrals for STD testing: The most common STDs are often symptomless. You will receive a referral for STD testing and treatment if needed. If a woman has an abortion with an untreated STD, it can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease [3].

  • Referrals for prenatal care: If you decide to continue your pregnancy, we’ll provide you with referrals for prenatal care.

  • Emotional and practical support: There is a strong link between your emotional health and your physical health [4]. Pregnancy support equals better physical health.

5.  To receive prenatal care:

If you choose to continue your pregnancy, early prenatal care increases your chances of a healthy pregnancy and baby. Women who don’t receive prenatal care are 3 times more likely to have infants with low birth weights and who are five times more likely to die [5].

However, prenatal care will:

  • Monitor your pregnancy closely

  • Make sure your medications are safe for pregnancy

  • Perform testing when needed

  • Identify potential risks such as Rh incompatibility

  • Decrease the risk of complications

Get the Pregnancy Support You Deserve

Pregnancy Care Clinic is available to provide the pregnancy support services you deserve. We also offer STI testing. Make an appointment today for confidential, no-cost testing, education and support in an emotionally safe environment. We are here to walk this road with you!


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