Outraged by Slavery? What About Abortion?

For the last two years ISIS has maintained a trade in Yazidi sex slaves by aggressively forcing their victims to take birth control. They justify it by applying Sharia Law as they believe the Prophet Muhammad practiced it. A man must ensure that a woman he enslaves is free of child before he is permitted to have sex with her. As long as the slave is not pregnant, they are permitted to rape her. So while pregnancy is a liberation from daily rape, it also means she must carry her rapist child. Slavery is a terrible crime against humanity but to put women in a loose loose loose dilemma is adding insult to injury.

Willing Slaves In the US

This grotesque dehumanization and abuse of women seems so foreign and even impossible for it to occur in the United States. Or is it?! The Sexual revolution has led to women becoming slaves of objectification, and their children as burdens. Women are improperly valued more for their sex appeal and having no children. The difference is women in America have been cultured to not just accept it, but to willingly “choose” it. A 2010 Pew study on social trends reports the number of women who are skipping out on motherhood has nearly doubled since 1976. Research regularly reports children are a top five deal breaker for men who are considering a new relationship with a woman. Pornography, advertising and the breakup culture teaches men to treat women as objects to be used, traded and discarded.

The majority of women who choose abortion are poor and unmarried. This is more than correlation when economics is cited as the reason for 73% of abortions, and fear of being a single parent or relationship trouble represents 43%. Poverty and the threat of children are the very things that keep women enslaved for sex by ISIS. The Yazidi girls cannot buy their freedom, nor can their families afford to. And men are only interested in enslaving those who are childless and not pregnant. ISIS men go to extreme lengths to ensure their slaves do not become pregnant so they can maintain their sexual appetite. They don’t want to provide for a potential child, let alone a potential child conceived by the guy he bought the slave from. They also want to avoid the protection the Koran provides to the slave when they bear him a child.

Men Encouraged to Objectify Women

Women who have an abortion consistently report, when their man learns of an unintended pregnancy he had zero interest in the child, and little interest in his pregnant sex partner as well. Abortion breeds anger, resentment, and bitterness these feelings work against relationships.

In an Elliot Institute survey, 47 percent of the post abortive women surveyed reported feeling hatred of those involved in their abortion. Statistics show most relationships do not endure abortion. Feminism has excused men to be promiscuous, commitment dodging misogynists that can discard women and their children without a second thought or consequence. Yet feminists prop up that scenario saying, “If men want to keep having sex, they need to start defending Planned Parenthood, and promoting abortion on demand without apology.”

Award winning feminist Katha Pollitt recently argued for more men to speak up for abortion out of their own self-interest asking, “Where are the men grateful not to be forced into fatherhood?” Feminists declare equality with men cannot exist unless access to abortion is secure. Yet, they essentially argue that a women’s destiny is hurt by motherhood and that her value in our society is dependent on abortion. The only “choice” offered to an unintentionally pregnant woman by feminists is to have an abortion or give up any dreams of a fulfilling career. There is no other choice to them. Even President Obama confirmed this message in his “punished with a baby” comment while campaigning and vowing to protect women’s right to choose.

Oh we should be outraged by the slave trade in the Islamic State. But shouldn’t we also recognize and deal with the same dehumanizing, objectifying and demeaning culture of women in the US today? The promotion of the culture of life is more than just about babies. Real women are being hurt and dare I say made willing victims of our abortion on demand.

If you just learned your partner is pregnant unexpectedly consider this.