Even after an unanticipated season of pandemics, stay-at-home guidelines, and virtual holiday parties, you may not have seen the positive pregnancy test coming your way. With thoughts of how you could support a little one in tandem with wondering how long the pandemic will last, we understand that now is an intense time to deal with an unexpected pregnancy. Are you considering abortion but want to run the idea by a few trusted individuals before deciding? Here are some people you might want to talk to and process everything with.

Considering Abortion: Who Can I Talk To?

Talk with Your Parents or Other Parental Figures

We know that it can be scary to let your parents in on a momentous decision, especially when the pregnancy is unexpected. However, your parents can be a great part of your support team to talk with and think things through. After all, they might even be the people who know you best!

Ask your mom or dad, aunt, or grandma how they felt when they were pregnant. Were they apprehensive or scared? By hearing their stories, struggles, and successes, you won’t feel alone during this time. Every woman has her own story, and you have the power to decide what you will do with your unexpected pregnancy.

Share with Your Partner

If you have already broken the news to your partner that you’re pregnant, they could also serve as a great source of encouragement and support as you decide ultimately what is best for you, the baby, and even your partner.

We do understand, however, you might not feel comfortable with revealing the pregnancy to your partner, at least not right now—and that’s okay too. What is best for you in this moment is to surround yourself with a support group that can help you receive unbiased information that will help you consider all your options and will support you in whatever you choose.

Consider Opening Up to A Trusted Friend

If you feel uncomfortable talking with your parents or partner about your thoughts considering abortion, try opening up to a trusted friend – someone who will listen to your concerns, anxieties, and thoughts as you process aloud. A trusted friend could make all the difference from feeling alone to knowing that you have someone walking with you through this pregnancy, regardless of which path you take.

Try calling your friend, video chatting, or even inviting them over for coffee—whichever option you feel the most comfortable doing. Ultimately, the goal is for you to gather a support group to help you feel confident in the decision you make.

Speak to Your Doctor

After receiving a positive pregnancy test, it’s important to visit your doctor or a clinic for an ultrasound to determine if your pregnancy is viable [1]. A viable pregnancy is one that is alive and expected to result in a live birth [2].

It’s crucial to know if your pregnancy is viable or not to determine if you need to proceed to the next decision-making steps. Therefore, an ultrasound determines if your pregnancy is viable, as well as how far along you are, which will impact your abortion options.

In addition to speaking with family or friends for advice and information, if you are considering abortion, it is important that you speak with a medical professional to explore your options including abortion, adoption, and parenting. If you feel that your parents, parental figures, friends, or even your partner will only pressure you to decide one way or the other, know that your doctor will be there for you, no matter what. Furthermore, your doctor can provide unbiased information and will support you through whichever decision you make by offering you the knowledge and resources necessary to make the final decision.

Consult with an Unbiased Pregnancy Care Clinic

Paying attention to your body’s response is one way to help you “trust your gut” and avoid having regrets down the road. Decision regrets often happen when a woman chooses to go with one option based upon her current life situation rather than consider where she might be when her circumstances change.

If you are still considering abortion as a viable option for your unexpected pregnancy, it’s helpful to consult with a pregnancy care clinic to look over your three pregnancy options and focus on how your body responds to each one. Therefore, they can guide you to think about your personal and religious beliefs, education, life and career goals, and your family before deciding.

Pregnancy Care Clinic Is Here for You

At Pregnancy Care Clinic, we understand the anxiety that accompanies an unwanted pregnancy, and we’re here for you. We are a real medical clinic with licensed healthcare professionals who care for you with skill and support. We will compassionately walk you through each step as you figure out what you will decide to do about your unplanned pregnancy. We provide confidential pregnancy services to you at no cost. We also offer pregnancy testing, limited pregnancy ultrasounds, education, STI testing, resources, and more.

We believe in your ability to navigate this challenging season of life successfully. Contact us today to receive the support you deserve.

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