Abortion and Breast Cancer

Abortion and breast cancer are often talked about, and highly contested topics related to abortion. Most people just want to know, “Does abortion cause breast cancer?” The answer is unfortunately not an easy “yes” or “no.” There are a lot of details, and very precise language is needed. But this answer is not out of reach for anyone. Research and debate are still ongoing. However, the majority of studies conducted around the World show a relationship between abortion and breast cancer in women who have had one or more induced abortions. This relationship has been studied for many decades. The information we have learned about this topic should be considered preliminary or in a scientific process of being proved. Pregnancy Care Clinic believes, however, due to the importance of this information, it should be made available now to all who might choose abortion. We feel strongly that women are smart and deserving of an informed choice.

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PCC’s Medical Director Answers the question, “Does Abortion Cause Breast Cancer?”