Frequently Asked Questions About PCC

When Was PCC Started?

Pregnancy Care Clinic has a rich legacy of serving our community. It began early in 1994 serving East County as a resource and advocacy service. A pivotal point occurred in 1998 when the center moved to its present location at the corner of Washington and Magnolia.  The new location gave the center the ability to expand services. The State of California granted a medical clinic license to Pregnancy Care Center in 2005. Pregnancy Care Clinic became the new name. 

After serving the East County area for more than thirteen years, PCC chose to expand the ministry to an under-served area of San Diego. The new clinic opened in January of 2017 after the completion of a five year plan.  It is located near Northgate Market on Alpha Street in the Southcrest area of San Diego. We are excited about our new opportunity for growth by introducing STI testing and treatment. This represents a critical concern for our community and the health of our clients.

Is PCC a Faith-Based Clinic?

PCC is a Christian Non-Profit Clinic as are many clinics and hospitals in the US. 25% of non-profit hospitals are faith-based such as Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, St. Joseph’s, Good Samaritan, and Adventist Health. Even our own Scripps Mercy Hospital is Faith-Based. The Community of faith has a wonderful record of medical excellence, innovation, and care. PCC strives to be an excellent representation of the same tradition.

How Much Does It Cost?

All services, resources and classes are free of charge!

How can you offer your services for free?

Community partners, businesses, churches, individuals, and a handful of private granting organizations provide the support for your care at PCC.

How Does Pregnancy Care Clinic Protect My Privacy? Can I Trust Them?

PCC is committed to quality medical care, protection of confidentiality, and taking the time necessary to ensure all questions are answered. Please review our Commitment of Care and Competence and our Notice of Privacy Practices.

What if I am a minor? Do my parents have to be involved or notified?

Parents do not need to give permission, sign a release, or be notified of a visit for services at Pregnancy Care Clinic. Minors may make their own decisions for reproductive health without parent involvement in California. However, parents are an important part of a healthy support network. PCC can help with strategies for sharing unexpected pregnancy news with parents.

I took a test at home. How accurate is it? Should I Get a Blood Test?

It is very common for PCC clients to have taken a pregnancy test at home before visiting. Learn more about home test accuracy and everything else about your pregnancy test.

Is Ultrasound Safe? Why Should I Have An Ultrasound?

Diagnostic Ultrasound is recognized by the American College of Gynecologists (ACOG), American Institute of Ultrasound Medicine (AIUM), World Health Organization (WHO), and many more health authorities as a safe procedure. A diagnostic ultrasound may be performed multiple times during the nine months of pregnancy. An ultrasound should be performed in all three trimesters, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Limited obstetric ultrasound using 2D imaging to determine if a pregnancy is viable or not is provided by PCC. The most accurate measurements for determining gestational age are first trimester ultrasounds. Ultrasound reports created by PCC are highly valued for ongoing prenatal care.

Who provides care at Pregnancy Care Clinic?

PCC’s medical team includes Registered Nurses, RDMS’, Nurse Practitioners, ObGyns, Midwives, and other Doctors of various specialties. All medical services are managed as a team focus to the individual client. PCC also has a team of advocates and teachers who undergo specialized training and screening to ensure professionalism and a positive experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pregnancy

Am I really pregnant?
When should I take a pregnancy test?
What are my options if the test is positive?

Frequently Asked Questions About Abortion

Is the abortion pill and the morning-after pill the same thing?
What is pre-abortion screening?
What kinds of abortion are there, and when can they be performed?

Frequently Asked Questions About Adoption

What are the options for adoption?
What if I just need a little time? I just want
How are adoptive parents chosen? Can I be sure it is safe?

What If I Change My Mind About Adoption?

This is not as common as one might think. When a pregnant woman considers an adoption, she has the entire term of her pregnancy to think about it. A caseworker will help her with every detail including choosing the family to place the baby with. The adoption is not complete until thirty days after the baby is born. A birth mother can change her mind at any time until then.

Does The Baby’s Father Need To Be Told And Agree To The Adoption?

A decision to place a baby for adoption should include the birth father. The adoption caseworker will help find an agreement should a dispute arise.

Can Birthmothers Receive Financial Help?

Adoptive families can agree to help with medical, legal, and other pregnancy-related costs.