She Got Help When She Was Pregnant And Afraid

She had three different appointments at an abortion provider, but she was unsure. She was being pressured to choose abortion by her family. She felt getting an ultrasound at Pregnancy Care Clinic was important for her to make a choice.  Watch how she got all the information needed to make her decision.

Informed Decision Making Empowers Women

At Pregnancy Care Clinic, we believe an informed client is an empowered client. Education when facing difficult decisions drives out fear, and instills hope. Informed decision making in healthcare is a cornerstone for good healthcare policy. Healthcare providers including Pregnancy Care Clinic are always looking for new ways to improve informed decision making.

Twenty Years ago the National Institute of Health (NIH) published a journal article recognizing the importance of decision aids [1]. Additionally the NIH was considering different types of decision aids and their effectiveness. in the last 20 years, technology has advanced to the point that even more unforeseen decision aids are now available. Medical Professionals can offer apps downloaded to tablets, or available for download on a client’s device, sms texting can also be used to reinforce education and serve as decision aids.  Pregnancy Care Clinic has used ultrasound as a decision aid for Informed Decision Making since 2005! Since then we have implemented additional powerful decision aids to assist women and men facing an unintended pregnancy. Women need to be informed before they make a life altering choice. Pregnancy Care Clinic can be counted on for this education since we do not profit on the choice being made. Recognizing the conflict of interest in the source of education is also paramount to making an informed choice.

Make an appointment today. It is never too late to be informed.


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