Where do I turn for help? It’s one of the first questions women ask when they think they might be unexpectedly pregnant. If you live in National City or the surrounding areas, compassionate support is available to you.

At Pregnancy Care Clinic, we understand how unsettling it can feel to step into a new clinic with so many questions about an unplanned pregnancy. You may be wondering:

“Will I be judged?”

“Is this a place where I will be pressured into a particular pregnancy choice?”

“Will anyone find out I was there?”

All of these questions are valid. And fortunately, high-quality help is available to you where you will receive no-cost, confidential care without any judgment, pressure, or bias.

Pregnancy Help Available near National City

What is pregnancy help exactly? Pregnancy help is where you can get the facts you need to make an informed decision about your unplanned pregnancy. It allows you to make a decision that you can feel confident about because you have learned the positives and negatives of each option available to you. This kind of pregnancy help is what you will find when you visit Pregnancy Care Clinic.

We are an authentic medical clinic with licensed healthcare professionals who care about you and what you’re going through. Our no-cost pregnancy help includes the following services:

  • Urine pregnancy testing: Even if you had a positive pregnancy test result at home, we provide you with a medical-grade urine pregnancy test, which allows us to give you written verification of your pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy ultrasound: A positive pregnancy test doesn’t mean you have a sustainable pregnancy. An ultrasound confirms whether a pregnancy is viable or not.
  • Sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing: If your pregnancy test is positive, we will also provide you STI testing to protect you and your reproductive health.
  • Education: Education is crucial as you make such an important decision. We offer accurate facts about each of your three pregnancy options as well as information that fits your decision, including childbirth and parenting classes.
  • Support classes: No matter what you decide about your pregnancy, it can be helpful to glean support from peers in a facilitator-led group. We offer a “Moms Helping Moms Support Group” as well as a “Post Abortion Healing Group.” There is also a 6 week Parenting Class that gives insight and tips to becoming a great parent.

We are open and continue to provide a safe environment for our clients during the pandemic. If you live in or near National City and think you might be pregnant, contact Pregnancy Care Clinic today and make an appointment to receive the support you deserve.

About National City

Known for its beautiful parks, the city of National City offers vibrant views of the San Diego Bay near the U.S. – Mexico border. It is located just two miles south of Pregnancy Care Clinic’s San Diego location.

Pepper Park is a favorite park in National City located on the Port of San Diego’s waterfront. The entire family (including your leashed dog) can enjoy the fresh air along with a picnic, biking at the Bikeshore Bikeway, kayaking, paddleboarding, or dock-fishing. Or you can simply enjoy playing on the colorful outdoor play equipment. Either way, National City is a great place to make wonderful memories.