I found out I was pregnant at 19

I was scared to tell anyone. I didn’t have support at the time. I came in to get a confirmation on a pregnancy test. When I got there, I was greeted by very friendly people who took compassion on my situation and understood how scared I was. I filled out some quick paperwork and was called back into a room where they instructed me to go to the bathroom to collect a urine sample for the pregnancy test. When I got back in the room. they confirmed that indeed I was pregnant. They had a wonderful and caring woman come in and she talked with me about my situation and how I felt about things. I couldn’t stop crying, I was terrified and at a loss for what to do. She sat with me and let me cry. She did not judge, She gave me advice and guidance in how to tell my parents. She prayed over me (she knew about my Christian beliefs) and showed me verses in the bible that would give me the strength I needed to get through the situation.

This wonderful group was my rock

I will forever be grateful for them. At the end, they brought in a basket of different blankets so I could pick one for my little one. I chose a green knitted blanket and I still have it. They gave me many pamphlets showing all of their free classes I could take (all of their services are free!). They gave me free samples of diapers and wipes. They offered me prenatal vitamins. They offered me help finding insurance. As I was leaving, I stopped at the front desk to make an appointment for my free ultrasound.

Everything became real

I came back when I was 7 weeks pregnant, this time with my friend for support. They gave me an ultrasound, showing my perfect little jelly bean (I called the baby that because that’s what it looked like on the ultrasound at that stage in the pregnancy) and inside of my little jelly bean I saw the heart beating! That’s when everything became so real to me. I started to get excited! They helped me become excited and happy about my situation. Now I have a nine month old daughter! She is truly the best thing that has ever happened to me and I couldn’t imagine life without her. I feel so in debt to this amazing organization for everything that they did for me and everything that they continue to do for so many girls that are in the same situation I was in 18 months ago. Thank you to everyone at Pregnancy Care Clinic for everything you have done for so many people. You truly don’t know how many lives you have touched.

[Cassie A. via Yelp.com]

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