It’s hard to imagine something more daunting than realizing you’re pregnant when you don’t want to be. You’re looking online for information, investigating options, and you wish you never had to consider any of them because they all look hard. Anxiety sets in and you wonder, “What next?”

Pause. Focus on one step at a time. You will probably surprise yourself as you realize you’re stronger than you might feel at this moment.

Step One: Social Support

Who is a trustworthy person in your life that could be in a supportive role for you? Think of someone who doesn’t have a stake in the decision you make other than to help you decide what is best for you. Is it a friend? A relative? Your partner? Whoever that person is, consider bringing them to appointments with you or spending time talking through your fears.

Step Two: Confirm Your Pregnancy Is Viable by Ultrasound

Once you have a positive pregnancy test, it’s important to visit your doctor or clinic for an ultrasound to determine if your pregnancy is viable [1]. A viable pregnancy is one that is alive and expected to result in a live birth [2]. It’s crucial to know if your pregnancy is viable or not to determine if you need to proceed to the next decision-making steps.

An ultrasound determines if your pregnancy is viable, as well as how far along you are, which will impact your abortion options.

Step Three: Examine Your Options

Once an ultrasound has determined your pregnancy is viable, and all options are still available to you, it’s time to examine what they are. You’re making one of the most important decisions of your life, a choice only you can make. Even if you already feel certain about your decision, it’s critical to meet with a trained, unbiased advocate who can answer all your questions and put to rest any lingering doubts you may have.

An advocate can explain details about your three options: abortion, adoption, and parenting.

It can be helpful to have your support person with you for that meeting so later you can talk through the information you learned. This will help you make your decision and move forward with confidence.

Step Four: Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Testing

You might be wondering what STI testing has to do with an unwanted pregnancy. Since many STIs are symptomless, you will be at higher risk of contracting pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) with an untreated STI [3]. For that reason, whether you choose to continue your pregnancy or not, you need to receive STI testing. Pregnancy Care Clinic offers free STI testing.

At Pregnancy Care Clinic, we understand how difficult it is to face an unwanted pregnancy, and we compassionately help you take one step at a time. We provide real healthcare by real licensed medical professionals offering you real choices so you can make an informed decision for you and for your future.

We provide confidential medical services at no cost to you, so make an appointment with us today to receive the professional healthcare services you deserve.

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