Your period is late, and the thought of an unplanned pregnancy is frightening. You may be wondering “why is my period is late?”. At Pregnancy Care Clinic, we offer licensed medical professionals and compassionate trained advocates to provide you with the trustworthy services and information you deserve.


Pregnancy is one reason a period is late. To know for sure, make an appointment with us for a confidential pregnancy test. When you come in for a pregnancy test, you will experience a calm and judgment-free atmosphere.  If your pregnancy test is positive, we will also provide you with an ultrasound at no cost. This will give you information such as how far along you are in your pregnancy and if your pregnancy is viable.

If your pregnancy test is negative, there is still a possibility that you are pregnant, but the pregnancy is too early to detect. If another week passes and you don’t see your period, you can make an appointment for a follow-up pregnancy test. If your pregnancy test is still negative, there could be other reasons why your period is late.

Other Reasons a Period is Late

It’s easy to panic and assume that your late period means you must be pregnant. But, pregnancy isn’t the only reason a period is late. Here are some other reasons [1]:

  • You may have simply miscalculated. 21-35 days is within the normal range for a menstrual cycle. Calculate forward from the first day of your last period to determine if your period is actually late.
  • Prolonged or overwhelming stress affects your hormones and impacts ovulation, which can cause late or missed periods.
  • Being underweight, overweight or rapid weight changes affects your hormone levels. It can even stop ovulation and can lead to missed periods.
  • Extreme exercise can stop ovulation and cause missed periods.
  • You have recently started having periods. It can take a year or so for menstrual cycles to regulate after a young woman begins having periods.
  • Chronic diseases, syndromes, and hormonal dysfunctions can cause late periods. This may include diabetes, celiac disease, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and thyroid disorders.
  • Did you recently go on or come off of birth control? It can take six months for menstrual cycles to regulate after discontinuing the pill.
  • The stage before menopause is called perimenopause, and it can begin as early as age 40.  Some women experience peri-menopause even younger. It can cause missed periods.

See Us for a Pregnancy Test

It’s difficult to think straight when you have so many unanswered questions. We are here to help you. Make an appointment to see us at Pregnancy Care Clinic for a confidential, no-cost pregnancy test.

At Pregnancy Care Clinic, we understand that the thought of an unplanned pregnancy raises many questions in your mind, and it can be a scary time. A kind and caring advocate will sit down with you and answer all of your questions to empower you to make the decision that is best for you. We will help you take an overwhelming situation and break it down into manageable steps, and will be here for you throughout the process.

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