When you find out you are unexpectedly pregnant, nothing seems the same as it did just moments before. It’s a frightening time and you may not know where to turn, or who to talk to. We are here to help you and will explain your pregnancy options.


Abortion is one of the options you have. There are several different methods, and the right method for you depends on how far along you are in your pregnancy, and if you even need a procedure because about 25 percent of all pregnancies end in miscarriage [1]. They range from taking pills to surgical abortion in a clinic.


Adoption involves moving forward with the pregnancy and letting a couple you choose, or who are chosen for you, do the parenting. There are different types of adoption, open and closed, that you may choose from, depending on how you feel about the future. We have referrals for people who can help you make these choices.


Parenting means you also go through with the pregnancy and you choose to do the parenting yourself, whether you do it alone, with your partner, or with the help of your family. If you choose this option, we have additional services to offer you.

Come in for Pregnancy Testing

Before you make a decision on what path is best for you, come in for pregnancy testing. We will give you a pregnancy test at no charge to confirm your at-home results. The test takes only a few minutes and one of our licensed medical professionals will go over the results with you as soon as it is complete.

If the test results are positive, we will offer you an ultrasound, also at no charge to you. This test provides information on how far along your pregnancy is (gestational date) and confirms the viability of the pregnancy, checking to see that the pregnancy is not ectopic, which is a dangerous condition requiring immediate medical care.

If you are considering abortion, we will also provide you with information on testing for STD’s and explain their importance to you in detail. Without this information and subsequent testing, you could face other complications after an abortion procedure.

We Will Give You Critical Information

We are committed to giving you honest, unbiased information so you can make the best possible decision for your future. You are encouraged to ask every question you can think of and we will provide you with all the answers you seek. We will be there to support you no matter which choice you make.

Make an Appointment

Make an appointment to come in and find out more about all we have to offer you, in addition to greater detail on your pregnancy options that we explained in this article. Your information is held in the strictest confidence and we will not let anyone know you have come to see us.


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