Pregnancy Tips for First Time Moms

Pregnancy is an exciting time with the anticipation of a new little one, and the many changes going on in your body. Many first time moms don’t really know what to expect or do when they get pregnant. If you are wondering what your next steps might be, here are some pregnancy tips for [...]

2023-11-29T09:24:46-08:00August 24, 2022|Health, Parenting, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Health|0 Comments

Alternatives To Baby Formula When it is Out of Stock

People need alternatives to baby formula when it is out of stock! Within the past couple months, the United States has experienced a perfect storm of supply chain challenges, rising costs of goods and transportation, and a key production plant closure that has resulted in supply shortage of baby formula. Pregnancy Care Clinic is not [...]

2022-06-08T15:47:27-07:00June 7, 2022|Health, Parenting|0 Comments

Help When Pregnant And Afraid – a PCC Client Story

She Got Help When She Was Pregnant And Afraid She had three different appointments at an abortion provider, but she was unsure. She was being pressured to choose abortion by her family. She felt getting an ultrasound at Pregnancy Care Clinic was important for her to make a choice.  Watch how she got all the [...]

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