Can I Take a Pregnancy Test at Night?

Have you missed your period? Do you have sore breasts and/or nipples, feel nausea, experience food cravings and/or aversions, feel moody/emotional, and/or urinate more often than before? These are all common symptoms of pregnancy and most pregnant women experience at least a few of them. Even so, you'll want to confirm that you're actually pregnant [...]

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OB-GYN vs Midwife: How are They Different?

Every single pregnant woman needs and deserves a high standard of medical care and treatment, as well as emotional support and assistance. Understanding the important similarities and complementary differences between an OB-GYN physician and a midwife enables a woman to make informed medical decisions regarding which medical professional or combination to choose when pregnant and [...]

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What is the Difference Between STI and STD?

What is the difference between STI and STD? Symptoms such as pain and discomfort when urinating, cloudy urine, discharge, abdominal and/or pelvic pain, fatigue, headaches, and muscle pain should never be ignored. They can be indicators of a sexually transmitted infection (STI) or sexually transmitted disease (STD). We break down the exact difference below. [...]

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Pregnancy Tips for First Time Moms

Pregnancy is an exciting time with the anticipation of a new little one, and the many changes going on in your body. Many first time moms don’t really know what to expect or do when they get pregnant. If you are wondering what your next steps might be, here are some pregnancy tips for [...]

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Pregnant in High School: What to Do

You probably thought that you would never be “that girl.” Then it happened. You found out that you are pregnant and “that girl” got a lot closer to home. If you are pregnant in high school, there is one very important thing you need to know. You are not alone. Teen Pregnancy Statistics The [...]

I Have No Period and a Negative Pregnancy Test — Now What?

It’s very frightening when your period is late, and you think you might be unexpectedly pregnant. Fear quickly morphs into confusion when you take a pregnancy test, and the result is negative — but still no period. Now what? Read on and learn more about why you could have a negative pregnancy test but miss [...]

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Help When Pregnant And Afraid – a PCC Client Story

She Got Help When She Was Pregnant And Afraid She had three different appointments at an abortion provider, but she was unsure. She was being pressured to choose abortion by her family. She felt getting an ultrasound at Pregnancy Care Clinic was important for her to make a choice.  Watch how she got all the [...]

The Importance of Folate Consumption During Fetal Development

Folate is known to prevent neural tube birth defects, which affect approximately 3,000 pregnancies every year in the United States [1].  This is an essential nutrient that supports neural tube development during pregnancy. What Are Neural Tube Defects? An embryo’s nervous system forms just one month after conception, before many women even realize they’re pregnant. [...]

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Choosing the Right Prenatal Vitamin

Prenatal vitamin with folic acid or methylfolate? You've probably heard that you should be supplementing with folic acid during pregnancy. It is key for your baby’s growth and development. It is also important to support your production of new cells, and repair of damaged DNA! Healthy levels of folate can also help prevent several forms [...]

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Ultrasound vs. Over-the-Counter Pregnancy Test: Which One Better Detects Pregnancy?

You think you might be pregnant, but you know over-the-counter pregnancy tests are not always accurate. We'll provide you with no-cost pregnancy testing!

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