Pregnant in High School: What to Do

You probably thought that you would never be “that girl.” Then it happened. You found out that you are pregnant and “that girl” got a lot closer to home. If you are pregnant in high school, there is one very important thing you need to know. You are not alone. Teen Pregnancy Statistics The [...]

My Best Friend is Pregnant – How to Help Her

Your best friend is pregnant. Maybe she shows up on your doorstep, scared and shaking or she might seem almost disconnected as she announces, “I’m pregnant” over lattes at a busy coffee shop. Or she could just blurt out, in the middle of the two of you chatting about your day. Chances are, the confession [...]

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What To Do if My Partner Doesn’t Want To Be a Parent

It’s difficult to be pregnant if your partner doesn’t want to be a parent. You love your partner, but the two of you may have different plans for the future. You realize that you want to continue your pregnancy, but your partner isn’t ready to be a parent yet. Now you’re wondering what to do. [...]

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Help When Pregnant And Afraid – a PCC Client Story

She Got Help When She Was Pregnant And Afraid She had three different appointments at an abortion provider, but she was unsure. She was being pressured to choose abortion by her family. She felt getting an ultrasound at Pregnancy Care Clinic was important for her to make a choice.  Watch how she got all the [...]

I Got My Girlfriend Pregnant — Now What?

You’re shocked to find out that your girlfriend is pregnant. The pregnancy is unexpected, and becoming a dad is the last thing you thought you would have to think about right now. Now what? You have options. Your girlfriend has options. Let’s see what they are. Know Your Girlfriend’s Options Your girlfriend is facing what [...]

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Unhealthy Relationships: Early Signs to Look For

You thought you had a great connection, but now he isn’t answering your texts. It’s like he disappeared. Welcome to the dating world we live in, where being ghosted can leave you feeling insecure and undesirable. In this dating environment, it’s understandable how easy it could be to fall into the trap of an unhealthy [...]

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