Negative Pregnancy Test But No Period – Now What?

It’s very frightening when your period is late, and you think you might be unexpectedly pregnant. Fear quickly morphs into confusion when you take a pregnancy test, and the result is negative — but still no period. Now what? Read on and learn more about why you could have a negative pregnancy test but miss [...]

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How Do I Tell My Partner I’m Pregnant?

An unexpected pregnancy wasn’t part of your plans, but here you are. You’re looking at a positive pregnancy test, and a million questions enter your mind. “How did this happen,” “What am I going to do,” and “How am I going to tell my partner? The thought of telling your partner you’re pregnant can cause [...]

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Significant Differences Between Middle Eastern and US Pregnancy Services

A woman compares her pregnancy experience and describes the difference in her pregnancy care, treatment, and delivery between Middle East and United States.

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