When you discover you’re unexpectedly pregnant, it might feel unreal. Take a deep breath and give yourself a little time to process the news. Once you start to recover from the initial shock, you can begin to think about what to do next.

First, gather accurate information from unbiased sources so you can make an informed decision about your pregnancy. You’ll be able to make a decision that’s best for you, your health, and your future.

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can feel very isolating. It’s important to know you aren’t alone. Nearly half of all pregnancies in the U.S. are unplanned, so you have lots of company [1].

I’m Unexpectedly Pregnant. What Are My Pregnancy Options?

When you are unexpectedly pregnant, you have three options [2]:


Continue your pregnancy, give birth, and raise your child.


Continue your pregnancy, give birth, and choose another family to raise your child.


End your pregnancy.

Only you can weigh the ins and outs of your situation and what is best for you. There are some things you should think about and questions you need to ask yourself to help you decide.

What Can Help Me Decide?

It’s helpful to look over your three pregnancy options and focus on how your body responds to each one. Paying attention to your body’s response is one way to help you “trust your gut” and avoid having regrets down the road. Decision regrets often happen when a woman makes a decision based upon her current life situation rather than consider where she might be when her circumstances change.

It’s important to think about your personal and religious beliefs, education, life and career goals, and your family before deciding.

What Questions Can I Ask to Help Me Decide?

  • Is anyone pressuring me to make a particular decision?
  • Am I pressuring myself to make a particular decision out of shame for getting pregnant unexpectedly?
  • What are my personal and religious beliefs about parenting, adoption, and abortion?
  • Do any of my pregnancy options violate my personal or religious beliefs?
  • Have I researched how each option can impact me physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually?
  • Do I have the support of family or friends?
  • Do I have resources to help prepare me to continue a pregnancy and give birth?
  • Do I have resources to help prepare me to raise a child?
  • Have I talked with an unbiased, professional options counselor?

Unplanned Pregnancy Help: Who Can I Talk with To Help Me Decide?

It’s good to have safe and trustworthy people in your life to confide in when you are making such a big decision. It can be helpful to talk with someone who can be objective, such as a supportive partner, friend, parent, therapist, or spiritual advisor as you weigh your pregnancy options.

Pregnancy Care Clinic also has compassionate advocates who help you sort through your options without judgment regardless of what you decide is best for you. Our licensed medical professionals can answer your questions and provide accurate and unbiased information so you can feel confident about your pregnancy decision.

 Make a confidential appointment with us today and receive the expert healthcare you deserve.

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